Manuscript submission for a special issue of Genes-MDPI

X-omics consortium member Mohsen Ghanbari will be the guest editor of a special issue of Genes-MDPI, an Open Access journal of genetics and genomics.

This special edition will present the latest research findings and developments in the field of cardiovascular metabolism.

Findings from metabolomics studies have contributed to a better understanding of the metabolic changes that occur in cardiovascular diseases, and have identified new disease biomarkers. The integration of genetics, metabolomics, and other omics platforms in a systems biology approach holds potential for elucidating novel genetic markers and mechanisms for cardiovascular disease.

We invite you to participate and follow up the new publications. The identification of metabolic changes related to cardiovascular diseases using multi-omics approaches is particularly encouraged.

Deadline for manuscript submissions is December 15 2021.

Flyer: Genetics Cardiovascular Metabolism website: Genetics Cardiovascular Metabolism

NWO logoThis research was (partially) funded by NWO, project 184.034.019