Anna Niehues

Anna NiehuesAnna Niehues is a postdoc at Radboudumc, Nijmegen, where she works at the Center for Molecular and Biomolecular Informatics (CMBI), led by Peter-Bram ’t Hoen, and the Translational Metabolic Laboratory, led by Alain van Gool. She is currently involved in the X-omics project and the European EATRIS-Plus project. Anna previously studied Biosciences at the University of Münster (WWU) in Germany, where she also obtained her PhD. She has been working as a bioinformatician on mass spectrometry data analysis in the context of quantitative proteomics, and structural analysis of carbohydrate oligo- and polymers. 

Within the X-omics project, she works as data scientist in the data analysis, integration and stewardship pillar, together with Peter-Bram ’t Hoen (work package leader) and Gurnoor Singh (data steward) from Radboudumc and other X-omics collaborators across the Netherlands. She is interested in the integration of mass spectrometry-derived data such as metabolomics data with other types of omics data in order to e.g. increase the power of biomarker studies or gain additional insights into the relationships between different molecular levels and their association with disease phenotypes. She is also interested in FAIR data analysis workflows which, alongside FAIR data, provide the means for reproducibility of multi-omics data analyses.

Gurnoor Singh

Anna Niehues Gurnoor Singh works as a data-steward at the CMBI. After completing his Masters in Life Science informatics from the University of Bonn, Gurnoor pursued a Ph.D. in developing linked data graphs from genomics data from Wageningen University & Research. For the X-omics project, Gurnoor is working towards standardizing meta-data and data schema for harmonizing and fairify X-omics data workflows. He is also involved in the FAIR Genomes project, which aims to develop a national guideline to promote optimal (re)use of NGS data in research and healthcare. Gurnoor Singh strongly believes in the usability of the FAIR data principles in the creation of semantic data infrastructure for diverse X-omics data. 

Gurnoor and Anna are coordinating the data FAIRification and multi-omics integration tasks, respectively, of the first X-omics data integration and FAIRification demonstrator, which is a collaboration between X-omics and NTR. They are both also involved in conducting various workshops for adequate data management and planning for research data.

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NWO logoThis research was (partially) funded by NWO, project 184.034.019