ESHG 2020


Where Where icon Berlin, Germany
When  Calendar icon   June 6 


HUPO 2020


Where Where icon Stockholm, Sweden
When  Calendar icon   October 18


Webinar of the Nightingale Metabolomics platform

About the improvements and other developments at Nightingale Health.

Where Where icon Online
When  Calendar icon   June 10 2020 - 10am - 11am CET

About the improvements and other developments at Nightingale Health.

#1: Data standards and multi-omics data integration

data workshop1

In the first workshop, you will learn about common standards for different types of omics data, public databases, and FAIR omics data. We invited experts that will explain how to lay the foundations for successful multi-omics data integration.

Where Where icon Online
When  Calendar icon   June 18 2020 - 10am - 12pm CET

#2: Linked data in practice: An RDF-based approach with SPARQLing-genomics

data workshop2

In the second session we will take a look at an example of how to create and query linked data.

Where Where icon Online
When  Calendar icon   June 22 2020 - 12pm - 2pm CET

#3: Showcases of multi-omics data integration

data workshop2

The third session will highlight showcases of multi-omics data integration. You will learn first-hand what challenges other researchers experienced and how they approached them.

Where Where icon Online
When  Calendar icon   June 25 2020 - 2pm - 4pm CET

#4: Pitch your own multi-omics project

data workshop3

Finally, we invite you to pitch your own multi-omics project and discuss it with other researchers and experts from the field.

Where Where icon Online
When  Calendar icon   June 30 2020 - 10am - 12pm CET 

Strategies to overcome your challanges in X-omics data integration


Where Where icon Nijmegen, the Netherlands
When  Calendar icon   September 29 

ELIXIR – best practices in research data management and stewardship

ELIXIR Luxemburg 

Where Where icon Esch-sur Alzette, Luxembourg
When  Calendar icon   May 27 


BioSB 2020

ELIXIR Luxemburg 

Where Where icon Lunteren, The Netherlands
When  Calendar icon   October 27


ELIXIR All Hands 2020

ELIXIR all hands

Where Where icon Amsterdam, the Netherlands
When  Calendar icon   June 8


X-omics Festival 2020 

festival poster

Where Where icon Nijmegen, the Netherlands
When  Calendar icon   September 28

NWO logoThis research was (partially) funded by NWO, project 184.034.019