X-omics festival

The second edition of our X-omics festival “the future is now!” will take place on Monday September 28th 2020 at Nijmegen, the Netherlands. 

This day will include:

  • Keynote lecture
    - learn more about the X-omics approach
  • Lectures from investigators
    - X-omics fields of expertise and specific application area’s
  • Technology pitches 
  • Meet & Greet with the speakers 
  • Live Q&A with X-omics experts 
  • Scientific posters 
  • Networking opportunities 

We look forward to meeting you at the festival.

Aftermovie X-omics festival 2019

Preliminary program X-omics festival 2020

  • Morning

    • 09.00-09.30
      Coffee and registration
    • 09.30-09.45
      Alain van Gool (Radboudumc)
    • 09.45-10.30
      Keynote speaker:
      Tim Hubbard (King’s College London, UK); 
      Title to be announced
    • 10.30-11.00
      Coffee break
    • 11.00-11.15
      Young investigator:
      Wei Wu (Utrecht University);
      “A multi-omics human enteroendocrine cell atlas reveals novel secreted hormones and inter-enteroendocrine communication”
    • 11.15-11.20
      Technology pitch:
      Tony Zucca (NanoString);
      “Morphology driven of high plex spatial analysis of tissue microenvironments”
    • 11.20-11.35
      Young investigator:
      Bert Wouters (Leiden University);
      “Novel analytical technologies for metabolomics: more for less”
    • 11.40-11.55
      Young investigator:
      Hans Wessels (Radboudumc);
      “Clinical glycoproteomics in diagnostics and research”
    • 11.55-12.00
      Technology pitch:
      “Clinical glycoproteomics in diagnostics and research”
  • Afternoon

    • 12.00-12.15

      Young investigator:
      Jenny van Dongen (VU);
      “DNA methylation signatures of educational attainment: an epigenome- wide association study in four Dutch cohorts”

    • 12.15-12.20

      Technology pitch:
      Ruben Pool (Microsoft);
      “From data ingestion to collaborative data science”

    • 12.20-13.20


    • 13.20-14.50
      Interactive program:
      • - Live Q&A with X-omics experts
      • - Meet & greet with speaker
    • 14.50-15.30

      Coffee break

    • 15.30-16.45

      3 application area’s:
      • Oncology
      Roland Kanaar (ErasmusMC);
      “DNA break metabolism: mechanism and clinical impact”

      • Metabolic
      Clara van Karnebeek (Radboudumc); “Inherited metabolic diseases: translating big data in better outcomes”

      • Neurology
      Ahmed Mahfouz (LUMC);
      “From genetics to neurobiology through transcriptomic data analysis”

    • 16.45-17.00

      Recap and closure (Alain van Gool)

    • 17.00-17.30


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