X-omics festival 2021

The third edition of our X-omics festival “the future of X-omics research is now!” will take place on Monday April 12th 2021.
This event will take place ONLINE!

This event will include:

  • A keynote lecture
  • Lectures from X-omics investigators
    - Learn more about the X-omics approach
  • Technology pitches
  • Interactive sessions
    - Meet & greet with speakers
  •    -  Speed dates

Call for posters

Share your OMICS knowledge

The X-omics festival 2021 will host poster sessions in a virtual poster hall (combined with a virtual exhibition hall). OMICS researchers can submit a poster abstract for this poster session.

Posters will be presented both as a video and PDF in the poster session. During the breaks of the festival, participants will be able to video talk to you directly (1 on 1 or in small groups) to ask questions about your poster. 

From the submitted posters, 5 posters will be selected for a 3 minute pitch during the actual conference. The best poster pitch will be rewarded with an award in the last session of the X-omics festival. 


  • Poster abstract submission deadline  -  March 19 2021 
  • Notification of selection – March 26 2021 
  • Submission of poster PDF and video – April 2 2021


Please submit an abstract in Word format, using max 500 words, including:

  • Author
  • Title
  • Institution
  • Submission topic (Genomics, Proteomics, Metabolomics, Data analysis, integration and stewardship, X-omics)

You can send your abstract to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Poster guideline

After notification of acceptance, please submit a video and PDF of your poster.

  • Video of max. 3 minutes
  • Poster PDF, max. 1 page, A4 size

You can send the documents via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., deadline April 2 2021.


Preliminary program

    • 09.00-09.30
      Reception in lobby
    • 09.30-09.45
      Alain van Gool (Radboudumc)
    • 09.45-10.30
      Goto Bio's
      Keynote speaker:
      Olaf Riess (University of Tübingen, Germany): 
      “Diagnostics of Rare Diseases: Beyond the exome”
    • 10.30-11.00
      Coffee break
    • 11.00-11.05
      Lobby presentation
    • 11.05-11.25

      Goto Bio's

      Goto Bio's
      Highlights and impact from the Genomics pillar:

      Edwin Cuppen (UMC Utrecht):
      “Developments and trends in the genomics domain.”

      Marcel Nelen (Radboudumc):
      “Go long, go short – innovations in genome technology.”
    • 11.25-11.30
      Technology pitch
    • 11.30-11.50

      Goto Bio's

      Goto Bio's
      Highlights and impact from the Proteomics pillar:

      Albert Heck (Utrecht University):
      “Progress in COVID-related (plasma) proteomics.”

      Kelly Dingess (Utrecht University):
      “Breastmilk; a source of SARS-CoV-2 specific sIgA antibodies.”
    • 11.50-11.55
      Technology pitch
    • 11.55-12.00
      Lobby presentation
    • 12.00-12.30
      Networking carrousel (random speed dates)
    • 12.30-13.30
      Lunch (with exhibition hall and poster sessions)
    • 13.30-13.45
    • 13.45-14.10
      Poster pitches by young investigators
    • 14.10-14.30

      Goto Bio's

      Goto Bio's
      Highlights and impact from the Metabolomics pillar:

      Thomas Hankemeier (Leiden University):
      “Progress towards HT metabolomics facility.”

      Martin Giera (LUMC):
      “Metabolomics in drug target evaluation for the treatment of NASH.”
    • 14.30-14.35
      Technology pitch
    • 14.35-14.55

      Goto Bio's

      Goto Bio's
      Highlights and impact from the Data analysis, integration & stewardship pillar:

      Peter-Bram 't Hoen (Radboudumc):
      “FAIR-omics data at the source.”

      Peter Horvatovich (RUG):
      “The role of proteogenomics in understanding molecular mechanisms of COPD.”
    • 14.55-15.00
      Technology pitch
    • 15.00-15.30
      Coffee break
    • 15.30-15.35
      Lobby presentation
    • 15.35-15.55

      Goto Bio's

      Goto Bio's
      X-omics highlights and impact:

      Alain van Gool (Radboudumc):
      “From X-omics research to clinical practice.”

      Lonneke de Boer (Radboudumc):
      “UMPS deficiency case, the importance of multi-omics diagnostics.”
    • 15.55-16.15
      Live Q&A X-omics helpdesk: pitch your own project!
    • 16.15-16.45
      Meet & greet with speakers and experts
    • 16.15-16.45

      Goto Bio's
      Recap, presentation of poster award, project pitch award and closure.

      Alain van Gool (Radboudumc)
    • 17.00-17.30
      Entertainment during drinks
    • 17.30-18.30
      Network options (lounge rooms per expertise)

Aftermovie 2020

Biosketches of our festival 2021 speakers

  • Olaf Riess

    09.45 - 10.30 - Keynote speaker

    Prof Riess, MD, is full professor for Medical Genetics, director of the Institute of Medical Genetics and Applied Genomics, and founder and acting director of the Rare Disease Center Tübingen. He has more than 20 years of experience in clinical genetics and research of genetically caused disorders. Main research focus is on neurodegenerative and syndromal diseases; both from the clinical as well as from the basic research perspective. Special focus on genetically inherited movement disorders such as ataxias, Huntington’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and dystonia, and on the application of genomic HTP technology in the clinical practise. To faster transfer genomic medicine into university settings he is co-founder of the Center for personalized medicine of the University of Tübingen. His group is also well known for genetically modified rat models of neurodegenerative diseases and for preclinical studies. Current research approaches also include rare cancer syndromes, the development of biomarkers for rare diseases and strategies to solve diagnostically unclear diseases. He currently is and has been coordinator of numerous international, European and national funded consortia such as EUROSCA, MEFOPA, TECHGENE, RATstream, Neuromics, and SOLVE-RD. He is also PI and spokesperson of one of four DFG funded NGS Competence Centers in Germany. OR serves in numerous advisory boards such as the German initiative for Rare Diseases (NAMSE), the EFSN task force on spinocerebellar ataxias, the executive member of the Ataxia study group (ASG), as a board member of the International Rare Disease Research Consortium IRDiRC (Diagnostics Scientific Committee), and most recently to the Ministry of Health on the implementation of genome diagnostics into the health care system. For several years he was also a board member of the study section Neuroscience (Fachgutachter) of the German Research Foundation (DFG) and an associated Member of the Commission on genetic diagnostics (Gendiagnostik-Kommission) of the Ministry of Health (BfG). He is an active member of three European Reference Networks (ERNs). From 2016 to 2017 he served as President of the European Society of Human Genetics (ESHG) and he is currently Vice president of the German Human Genetics Society. Published >400 papers.

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