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X-omics research infrastructure

The Netherlands X-omics Initiative (X-omics, pronounce as CROSS-omics) is a National Roadmap Large-Scale Research Infrastructure, partially funded by NWO with a total budget of 40 million euro. The project started September 2018 and will last for 10 years.

X-omics aims to establish a X-omics research infrastructure across the Netherlands, by combining technologies in the field of genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and data analysis, integration & stewardship. With this infrastructure biomedical problems can be solved using an integrated approach (analysis of samples using the available omics technologies of the infrastructure).

Two major goals are:
1. Advance X-omics technologies far beyond state-of-art,
2. Realize an integrated X-omics infrastructure in the Netherlands.

A central helpdesk has been created to provide access to the research infrastructure and enable researchers to use the newest X-omics technologies in their projects. Via this helpdesk researchers can get into contact with X-omics experts for advice on X-omics approaches.

A proof of principle of the X-omics approach will be provided by starting 3 demonstrator projects on different levels (cellular, individual and population).

During the project, training schools will be set up for new ‘omics’ users and for ‘omics’ practitioners.

To allow communications between the users of the infrastructure a X-omics community will be established. This community will interact via meetings, newsletters and social media.

Netherlands X-omics Initiative

A short introduction video about the Netherlands X-omics initiative.

Future perspective X-omics

A short introduction video about X-omics and our scientific contribution, now and in the future.

In our brochure you will find information about:

  • The research infrastructure 
  • X-omics equipment and its services 
  • The helpdesk 
  • Training & events 
  • Our X-omics community 

Access to this infrastructure, its available equipment and services is possible for all researchers by contacting the X-omics helpdesk. 

Core team members

Alain van Gool

Alain van Gool

coordinator whiteCoördinator
Website  |  LinkedIn

Marcel Nelen

genomics white Genomics
Website  |  LinkedIn

Albert Heck

proteomics white Proteomics
Website  |  LinkedIn

Thomas Hankemeier

metabolomics whiteMetabolomics
Website  |  LinkedIn

Peter-Bram 't Hoen

data integration and analysis whiteData analysis, integration & stewardship
Website  |  LinkedIn

Project management team

  • Alain van Gool - Coordinator
    Website | LinkedIn

  • Daniella Kasteel
    Project management

  • Jessie Smits
    Project management

  • Dennis Vissers

  • Jeroen Ewals
    Web support

Scientific advisory board