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While next-generation DNA sequencing technologies are now widely accessible and commonly used for many genome analyses and tag-based approaches, clear technological challenges remain. One of the difficulties is the growing capacity demand and sustaining the growing application of genomics in biomedical research will require that data interpretation becomes as accessible as data generation. Increased reproducibility through the adoption and implementation of a FAIR framework, together with increased throughput, will spur the progress of genomics.

There are currently three main challenges that X-omics will focus on to efficiently advance genomics by achieving new breakthroughs:

Higher throughput, lowering costs and sample needed to improve scaling of whole genome sequencing analysis and tag-based approaches.

Higher accuracy and sensitivity for e.g. structural variant detection using long-read technology.

Improve coverage of analysis towards more complete (human) genomes and transcriptomes.

The main area of expertise of the genomics facilities, that are part of the X-omics research infrastructure, consists of guidance and execution of sequencing based research experiments. The services offered by the facilities are described in more detail below.


  • Experimental design
  • Technical assistance

DNA/RNA isolation (from various sources):

  • DNA isolation
  • RNA isolation

Sample prep

  • DNA library prep Illumina: WES (Twist), WGS (PCR free), PacBio: LR-WGS
  • RNA library prep Illumina: TruSeq prep, Illumina prep

Sequencing services

  • Sanger sequencing Thermo Fisher: ABI3730XL
  • Short read sequencing Illumina: Miniseq, Nextseq & Novaseq
  • Long read sequencing
    - SMRT HiFi sequencing PacBio: Sequel IIe
    - Nanopore sequencing Oxford Nanopore Technologies: Flongle, MinIon, GridIon & Promethion

Other services

  • Optical Genome Mapping Bionano: Saphyr
  • Digital spatial profiling Nanostring: GeoMX
  • Spatial molecular imaging NanoString: CosMx
  • SNP fingerprinting Thermo Fisher: Quantstudio 12k Flex Real-Time PCR system

Data processing

  • Mapping
  • Variant calling
  • Differential expression
  • Basic spatial omics analyses Nanostring: GeoMX & CosMX

All services mentioned above are custom services.
Please contact our helpdesk for a quote with turnaround times and prices based on your research question.