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Manuscript submission for a special issue of Cancers-MDPI

X-omics consortium member Alexander Hoischen will be one of the guest editors of a special issue of Cancers MDPI, an open access journal covering all aspects of oncology. 

The aim of this Special Issue is to stimulate discussion around the use and adoption of Optical Genome Mapping for clinical diagnostics in hematological malignancies. 

For more than 40 years, the clinical evaluation of structural variation in hematological malignancies has primarily been driven by karyotyping. Karyotyping is a robust tool for evaluating changes in leukemia and other malignancies. However, additional testing (FISH or RT-PCR) is required to identify specific rearrangements between genes because of the relatively low resolution of karyotyping. 

Optical Genome Mapping is a new technology that can detect structural variation within a sample at a much higher resolution than karyotyping. As such, it is a promising new technique for the clinical evaluation of chromosomal changes in hematologic malignancies.  

We encourage you to submit your research articles and reviews in which you make use of Optical Genome Mapping, introduce software tools, provide technical improvements or produce novel research findings that may lead to new diagnostic insights. 

Deadline for manuscript submissions is 31 July 2022. 

 Flyer: Optical Genome Mapping in Hematological Malignancies

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X-omics on Dutch television!

Sunday, October 31 at 22:05 CET, NPO2 broadcast an episode of the VPRO program Tegenlicht. In this episode the work of Albert Heck, leader of the Proteomics pillar, on the human proteome was featured.

Knowledge about the proteome is increasing rapidly. Are we on the edge of a new era as we begin to crack the code of the protein? Find out watching the episode “Drugs of tomorrow: how the protein revolution will change the future of medicine”.

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Following this episode, a Tegenlicht Meet Up took place. During this Meet Up the future of medicine was discussed with the filmmaker, several speakers and guests, including Albert Heck.

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Anke Wegman

casper At March 15, I started as a data steward at the Center for Molecular Medicine (CMM) at the UMC Utrecht in the research group led by Jeroen de Ridder.

Being a data steward, I promote - and advice on how - to practice Open Science, within the privacy regulations and according to the FAIR principles.

In addition, I am one of the members of the DAC (Data Access Committee) for the EGA (European Genome-Phenome Archive), led by Ies Nijman of the UBEC (UMCU Bioinformatics Expertise Core). Especially, I want to contribute to user-friendly, easily comprehensible, straightforward and useful guidelines and/or templates to ensure the different types of omics data will be FAIR “for each other”.

I am very pleased to be part of the X-omics project and look forward to work with you all to achieve great results!


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